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Academic Scholarships

Are you a well rounded student who is highly motivated to achieve academic success?
80% of all LIA student applicants have received a tuition scholarship. Over the last 4 years our students have received a collective total of 1.2 million dollars in tuition scholarships and financial aid.


To apply for an academic entry scholarship, you must submit scanned copies of your academic records from the last two (2) to three (3) years. Please submit these documents to admissions@lia-edu.ca. Reference letters and any other supporting documents to show the applicant is also active outside of the classroom is encouraged. 

Please make the email subject line: Documents for Entry Scholarship

Conditions of scholarship:
  • Student must reside in boarding facilities at LIA
  • Student will act as an ambassador for LIA during the academic year (this includes running for student council)
  • Student must maintain over 80% academic average at LIA for the scholarship to roll into 2nd year
  • All other fees including application fee, custodianship sign fee, registration, student debit account, health insurance, uniform, activity fee, and airport pick up are not included in scholarship
  • In order to graduate, there is a mandatory literacy test that takes place every year in March. All students will take a mock test to see if they will need to take the OSSLT prep course. Some student may be exempt from taking the prep course. Otherwise the charge for the course is half a credit (approx. $1,200). This fee is not included in the scholarship
  • If the scholarship is not accepted one month after the offer, the scholarship will no longer be valid and will be offered to the next scholarship applicant.