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The STEP Program

London International Academy has developed, in agreement with the Ontario Ministry of Education, the STEP program (Steps to English Proficiency).

To support students’ progress in learning English, London International Academy has adopted the STEP program, developed for the Ontario Ministry of Education. The STEP program specifies learning criteria for students’ oral skills, and reading and writing abilities and enables teachers to provide specific descriptive feedback to students, enabling them to progress systematically through the ESL curriculum.

When a student arrives, the principal and academic staff compare the student’s previous studies with Ontario Ministry of Education requirements to determine a the student’s grade level equivalent. Additionally, English and Math placement tests are provided to ensure that students enter their core courses at the appropriate level.

In Ontario, students are required to earn 30 credits to complete secondary school. 18 of these are compulsory credits. Most compulsory credits are earned in grade 9 and 10, allowing more room for elective credits in grades 11 and 12. LIA offers the STEP program in conjunction with the requirements of the OSSD to ensure that all students graduate grade 12 at or beyond the English language equivalent for the province of Ontario. The STEP program is supplementary–it does not replace core curriculum courses required for graduation.

Previous Education Received Credits to Complete Fall Winter Spring/Summer Notes
High School Graduate
with 24 Credits
6 3 3 Graduate 4-6 credits to graduate
Completed Grade 11
with 22 Credits
8 4 4 Graduate 8 credits to graduate
Completed Grade 10
with 16 Credits
14 4 4 2 14 credits to graduate
Completed Grade 9
with 8 Credits
22 4 4 2 22 credits to graduate